2023 White Ribbon 5K Highlight Video & Recap

Mission Story did a beautiful job capturing so many of the emotions from our 2023 WHITE RIBBON 5K event in this highlight video! This day would not have been possible without all of our amazing sponsors Genentech, Protect Environmental, UK Markey Cancer Center, Lantern Pharma, AstraZeneca US, Justice Dental, The MPM LLC, UK Federal Credit … Read more

Saving Lives from Lung Cancer: Seeing Past the Smoke

Dr. Timothy Mullet, Director of the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Clinic at the Markey Cancer Center at UK HealthCare, and Lindi Campbell, Lung Cancer Patient and Advocate, contribute compelling information about the dangers of radon exposure from their own professional and personal perspectives. This article was written by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National … Read more

KET: Lung Disease in KY

Kentucky survivors discuss the impact their lung cancer diagnosis has had on their lives and how the stigma that surrounds the disease negatively impacts overall survival. There is a great need to educate the public that anyone can get lung cancer, regardless of smoking history. Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer in never … Read more


In October, 2021, we met a new survivor from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Brittany, who asked us if we had ever seen a t-shirt with the hashtag, anyonewithlungs. She, like so many others we know, was diagnosed with lung cancer and had no previously known risk factors for getting the disease. She was just 38 years old … Read more

Lung Cancer does not discriminate

May is Lung Cancer Hope Month. A celebration of the progress for people living with lung cancer – but for Kentuckians like us progress must always keep moving forward. It is never fast enough, and never…enough. We need continued awareness, advancements in scientific research, and improvements in precision medicine to keep hope alive. Erase the … Read more

Nancy Alvey – 16 year lung cancer survivor

I was born in Madison WI.  I moved to Louisville in September 1981 with my 1st husband, son & daughter. I was diagnosed in November 2005 with lung cancer after coughing up a handful of blood.  I went to my Primary Care Physician who was out of the office at the time, but his associate sent me … Read more